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“We have made the decision to block all political advertisements globally”: to announce it Twitter with a decision in its historical way. “Internet advertising is very powerful and effective, but it involves significant risks politicians where it can be used for influence votes “declared Jack Dorsey, the managing director of the popular social network.

“This has nothing to do with freedom of expression. It has to do with paying “to reach the widest possible audience and” this has significant ramifications that today's democratic architecture may not be able to manage, “he adds Dorsey after Twitter's decision to ban political commercials

The decision was taken to prevent potential problems of “optimization based on automatic learning of messaging and micro-targeting, misleading unchecked information and profound false information”. “We considered the possibility of stopping only the announcements of the candidates, but there would be a way around,” added Dorsey.

Meanwhile, the company fell on Wall Street after the decision to ban all political advertisements on its platform. The titles Twitter come to lose in after-hours trading on the 2nd, 28%.

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