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The damage was repaired in September

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Twitter uses users' phone numbers and emails for advertising: an apology

Make it secure on Twitter. The popular social network apologized for using “phone numbers and user emails” for advertising purposes. A circumstance that sent on a rampage who received publicity because personal contacts had been provided only for safety reasons.

“When you provide an email address or a phone number for security purposes, these data may have been inadvertently used for advertising purposes it was a mistake and we apologize, “said Twitter. The California-based company, however, admits that at the time would be difficult to make a precise calculation of the accounts involved.

The damage that allowed Twitter to advertise with phone numbers of the subscribers was fixed in mid-September. “We are really sorry for what happened, and we're taking steps to make sure that does not happen again,” he continued the Company.

back strongly in the spotlight the need to protect privacy and personal data, a hot topic for digital platforms such as Twitter and Facebook

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