Future applications of the new technology: the Rimini 5G meeting

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Tim and 5G: the meeting in Rimini

The President of the Emilia Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini visited the space TIM 5G at the Rimini Meeting. The operator is present at the event with an area entirely dedicated to 5G solutions and the most innovative startups: from smart benches for the smart city model, to sightseeing with virtual reality to digital entertainment applications

They have publicly tested music and gaming services in 5G, youtubers by millions of followers (Bstaaard and Gabbo DsQ) and Anna Tatangelo. The singer is very followed by the younger ones also on TIMMUSIC

5G leads to a technological transformation that until now was unimaginable, with benefits 10 times higher than the current ones: higher download speed (at least 10 times greater than 4G), lower latency (10 times less than 4G ), higher density of managed devices (up to 10 times), meaningful use of the Internet of Things to simultaneously connect up to 1 million devices and Km2 sensors with very high quality and reliability

A moment of the presentation of TIM 5G with the virtual reality viewer (Credits: Twitter TIM)

TIM's 5G is not only an evolution relative to technological standards, but a real revolution that will open the way to a new generation of services necessary for the digital development of the country, which will improve the quality of daily life of customers, citizens and businesses in different sectors

To accompany the profound digital transformation that 5G will entail, after the summer TIM will launch specific training and digital literacy initiatives aimed at citizens and businesses, aimed at making people understand the opportunities offered by technology and the web for the management of daily life

The courses will be free and carried out both online and in the various TIM Academy locations and in other areas in the area

> The future in our hands: TIM presents the 5G between gaming, security, healthcare and virtual reality


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