Several days ago Jason Momoa has talked a lot about himself after threatening not to take part in the filming of Aquaman 2 because of a just cause: protesting against the construction of a telescope called Thirty Meter Telescope , which should be located near the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii

This is a place considered sacred, which – according to the locals – should not be profaned with the construction of such a building. And in this regard, in recent days, hundreds of Hawaiians have protested peacefully in the area; a demonstration in which Momoa himself took part

The event, in addition to being brought to the attention of the media due to its cultural and social importance, ended up in the spotlight also for a funny photo taken by the actor with the help of four agents of police. The image in fact immortalizes the policemen while they pretend to arrest the star of Aquaman , which – for its part – poses with a rather smug smile

Needless to say, the photo immediately became viral; also because of the fact that in the first hours after publication, many believed that it was a real arrest, as often happens during certain events. Later, confirmation came that it was just a joke.


Source: CB

Photo: Getty

The article Jason Momoa posing for the fans while being “arrested”: the shot is viral [FOTO] comes from Best Movie .


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