Now we are almost there: Death Stranding will be released on 8 November 2019 . And, as he had promised on the eve of, Hideo Kojima showed him exhaustively at Tokyo Game Show , where he was You can follow a mission set in the advanced stages of the adventure. The protagonist of Death Stranding is Sam Bridges , which is played by the actor Norman Reedus .

With Death Stranding, Kojima wants to review the stylistic features of the open world game, enhancing as much as possible the sense of exploration and offering the player a feeling of everyday life within the video game. Death Stranding focuses so much on the open world that it does not offer many opportunities for the player to play, other than exploration, which in the plans of the famous Japanese video game author should give this aspect a special charm. Within this gameplay structure will insert a story, for the moment very cryptic, in search of a new balance between exploration and narrated story.

The scenario of Death Stranding as it appears in this video is immense and desolate, made only of silences. We try to emphasize as much as possible the charm of the mystery and the man's obsession to unravel it by exploring. Death Stranding gives the feeling of being derivative with respect to Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain in terms of technology and some game mechanics, but at the same time wants to search for meaning in starting from exploration only apparently an end in itself.

Hideo Kojima is one of the most acclaimed video game creators. In 1987 he designed and wrote Metal Gear , a video game that laid the foundation for the stealth genre and forefather of a series that over the years would have assumed increasingly deeper and at the same time disturbing connotations, also innovating from the point of view of storytelling techniques in a video game. The title that consecrated him as one of the most acclaimed game designers is Metal Gear Solid , published in 1998 for PlayStation. He is also known for his role as producer in the series Zone of the Enders , and has written and designed Snatcher and Policenauts . In 2005 he founded Kojima Productions as a subsidiary of Konami. Death Stranding is the first game made following the separation from Konami and the forced farewell to the Metal Gear series


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