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Apple Live LIVE event: iPhone presentation 11 Latest updates

LIVE APPLE DIRECT EVENT – Finally the long awaited day of the presentation event has arrived of the new Apple devices: today, Tuesday 10 September 2019, starting from 19 (Italian time) the General States of the Cupertino company will be live live worldwide to show the new iPhone 11.

In all probability, in fact, this Tuesday will be remembered as the day when all the fans saw for the first time the eleventh edition of the famous Apple smartphone, which comes one year after the announcement of the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

TPI will follow live the event. Below you will find all the latest updates on today's presentation at Apple Park in Cupertino, California.


(Continuous updating to read the latest updates)

  • 20, 40: Apple's iconic Fifth Avenue store in New York will reopen the 20 September
  • 20, 35: iPhone 11 Pro will be available starting from $ 999, and iPhone 11 Pro Max starting from $ 1099. Both models can be ordered starting Friday, 13 September, and will be distributed starting from 20 September

iphone 11 pro

  • 20, 24: The new technique of Deep Fusion shoots 9 photos simultaneously before selecting and combining the best pixels of each shot in a single image
  • 20, 20: The Pro model camera and the Pro Max model camera will have three lenses, one more than the iPhone 11: a telephoto camera
  • 20, 15: The iPhone Pro battery will last 4 hours longer than the iPhone XS, while the Pro Max battery will last 5 hours longer than the XS Max
  • 20, 10: The iPhone Pro and Pro Max will be available in 4 colors and will boast a new retina screen Pro
  • 20, 10: “This is the first iPhone we've ever called Pro,” says CEO Tim Cook
  • 20, 10: Apple presents a second iPhone model, the iPhone 11 Pro, available in the basic 5.8-inch version, and 6.5-inch version for the Pro Max version
  • 20, 08: iPhone 11 will be available starting from $ 699

iphone 11 blue

  • 20, 04: Apple 11 will have a battery life of 1 hour more than the iPhone XR
  • 19 59: Apple introduces the new processor A 13 bionic
  • 19 52: iPhone 11 will have an option for night shots, and a slow-motion function for the front camera
  • 19 51: iPhone 11 will have a double-lensed camera, one quadrangular and one ultra quadrangular
  • 19 50: Apple announces new iPhone: iPhone 11, available in 6 colors and with a 6.1 inch screen

iphone 11

  • 19 47: Time to talk about the new iPhone!
  • 19 45 : Apple Watch 5 will be available starting from $ 399 and $ 499 for cellular models. It can be preordered from now and will be shipped starting from 20 September
  • 19 41: Apple Watch will be in recycled aluminum 100% and will be available in gold, dark gray, polish, titanium and ceramic
  • 19 40: Apple Watch 5 will have a retina display that “never sleeps” and a built-in compass
  • 19 34: Apple announces three new medical studies through its Apple Watch to which users can participate completely anonymously: a study on Hearing, one on Female Health, and one on Cardiac Conditions and Movement

apple watch

  • 19 30: A new video shows the profound impact of Apple Watch, and its role in saving lives
  • 19 27: The new iPad will be made entirely of aluminum for the first time, and will be available from 30 September starting from $ 329
  • 19 23: Apple announces a seventh-generation iPad with a display 10 2 inches and 3.5 million pixels
  • 19 21: Now is the turn of the new iPad
  • 19 19: Apple TV Plus will be available for $ 4, 99 a month later 100 Countries as of November 1st. A free month of Apple TV Plus will be included in the purchase of new Apple devices
  • 19 16: Apple releases trailer for “See”, new Apple series starring Jason Momoa


  • 19 14: Tim Cook returns to the stage to talk about Apple TV Plus
  • 19 12: Apple Arcade will be available starting from 19 September in 150 Countries, with unlimited access for the whole family starting from $ 4, 99
  • 19 10: Among the new gaming partners of Apple, Konami and Capcom present some of the games that will soon be available for Apple devices
  • 19 03: Let's start with the App Store, in particular Apple Arcade

  • 19 01: Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage, announcing great news for the App Store
  • 19 00: It begins!
  • 18, 59: Apple will present for the first time its own event on Youtube, with 400 thousand users already watching
  • 18, 40: 20 minutes to the curtain at the Steve Jobs Theater in California. CEO Tim Cook has been there for hours.
apple evento
Credit: Twitter
  • The Apple Store went offline, as is traditional within minutes of official Apple events
  • This year, the Apple presentation will also be streamed for the first time on the official Youtube account of the bitten Apple
  • Missing less and less at the beginning of the event: there are many technology enthusiasts who will attend the presentation live from every part of the world thanks to the streaming service
  • What will we see today? We will certainly see the iPhone 2019 and with as much certainty we know that the models will be three as in recent years. Two “top of the range”, one larger and the other more compact, plus a model with slightly lower specifications. The names of the iPhone, starting from X, have become less obvious and Apple has made no small confusion, going from Arabic numbers (6, 7, 8) to Roman numerals (X), then adding a classic “S” (XS ). And complicating everything by changing the old “Plus” with “Max” and finally inventing an unpublished XR last year. This year we change again. We return to the Arabic numbers and – new – we add a Pro.

evento apple diretta

  • But it will not be just the day of the new iPhone: rumors speak of a new line of Apple Watch, the fifth edition. But also of a possible release date for Apple TV
  • Missing less and less from today's live Apple event: in less than four hours there will be a showdown. What the new iPhone will look like 11?
  • The event will be held precisely in Steve Jobs Theater , a majestic auditorium built two years ago at Apple Park in Cupertino and dedicated to the company founder: appointment at the hours 19
  • Here we are: today, Tuesday 10 September 2019, at Apple Park in Cupertino – California – there will be the presentation of the latest news on the bitten Apple. Appointment to the hours 19 (Italian time) for the live live presentation, during which the world will also know the new iPhone 11

Live Apple live event: le advances

What they say anticipations of today's Apple event? Many innovations will be introduced by the company founded by Steve Jobs. Of all, obviously, there is particular attention on the Iphone 11. There will be three editions of the famous smartphone: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Apple, a low-cost iPhone is coming: indiscretion from Japan

The eleventh edition of Apple's smartphone will have a completely new design, especially on the back. There, in fact, there will be as many as three cameras (two in the basic model), set in a square module that has made many fans turn up their noses. The processor will obviously be better than the one mounted in the previous editions, while the 5G network will not be supported

The anticipations of the Apple event also talk about the strong possibility that the Apple Watch 5 will be presented, as well as a new line of MacBook Pro. According to some rumors, moreover, even Apple TV will find space in the presentation: the new streaming platform in Cupertino may already have a catalog of films and TV series

presentazione iphone 11 diretta
The new iPhones 11 (credits: Ben Geskin )

Will Apple also produce a folding smartphone? Here's what we know so far

Live Apple live event: where will the presentation be held?

The presentation of Aplle products will be held, as usual, at the Steve Jobs Theater. What is it? It is an auditorium able to gather further 1000 people, and it was planned with the intent to host press conferences and new product launches . It has a cylindrical shape and is buried more than 6 meters deep. The stairs leading to the underground floors recall those of the Apple Store on Regent Street, London.

Surrounded by glass walls, the auditorium shares the innovation of its products. Indeed, it is covered by the largest carbon fiber disk in the world, with a diameter of 50 meters. This coverage consists of 44 identical panels that have been specially imported from Dubai.

The Steve Jobs Theater lobby has no columns, but supports the roof of 73 tons through glass panels, confirming a second world record. The brightness of the building and the windows 360 degrees also offer a complete view of the green park all around.

For tourists wishing to visit the Apple Park, the Steve Jobs Theater also houses a visitor center with a bar and souvenirs. It also allows you to use augmented reality tools to explore the campus in all its glory

Live Apple live event: where see it in streaming

Where to see the Apple event in streaming ? The Iphone presentation ceremony 11 and all the other news from the Cupertino company will be broadcast in live streaming on Apple's official website , Youtube account and most likely also on Twitter .

The start time of the event is at the hours 19 (Italian time ). The presentation should last about two hours, then until 21.

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