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The 5G revolution comes from China: the Asian country will have over 600 million of 5G users within 2025, representing almost the 40 percent of the global total. This was announced today at Xinhua news agency Sihan Bo Chen, head of the international mobile industry association Gsma for mainland China.

The 5G will be a technological revolution and is now increasingly at the door. Indeed, it already has more than one leg on this side of the threshold, as the countdown will end in 2020 in Italy. We are talking about the fifth generation networks that will increase exponentially the connection speed by minimizing the latency. They will be able to drastically transform our everyday life.

According to the leader Sihan Bo Chen, who quotes a forecast by the Gsma, the estimate of global users of 5G by 2025 increased to 1.6 billion from 1.4 billion and, based on operators' plans for the launch of 5G, most of this growth will come from China.

“We hope that the development of the mobile network in China will inspire the rest of the world and give life to next-generation artificial intelligence services,” said Sihan Bo Chen.

John Hoffman, CEO of GSMA, said that until 85 percent of the Chinese population will join the mobile services by 2025, while the 88 percent of those users will have a smartphone and the 36 percent will use 5G services. “We welcome China's ongoing effort to promote openness to build a” shared future “through collaboration and cooperation,” he said.

As co-organizer of the World Internet Conference held in Zhejiang Province in eastern China, Gsma published a white paper on the case studies of artificial intelligence in networks together with China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Huawei and other companies.

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